What is it?

Microdermabrasion is a system of intense exfolliation and resurfacing using ultra fine crystals that rejuvanate the skin.

The crystals work as a gentle abrasive on the skin to remove dead skin cells layer by layer. The irregular shape of the crystals helps to work on hard to reach areas, without any damage to the skin.

The vacuum action of the machine stimulates the circulation and promotes increased blood flow to the area. The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, which results in a firmer, more youthful looking skin.


Who is it for?

Anyone will benefit from microdermabrasion treatment. It improves the overall appearance of the skin giving it a healthy glow and youthful appearance.


Microdermabrasion works for:

Ageing Skin

Stretch Marks


Acne Scars


Dull, Dry Skin

Fine Lines


Uneven Skin Tone



Visible results immediately

Improves overall appearance of the skin

Healthy, radiant skin

Youthful looking skin

Quick recovery time

Straight back to work



No anaesthetic required

30 mins - 1 hour treatments


12 hours - No heavy make-up

24 hours - No swimming or facial waxing

48 hours - No 'botox', collagen injections or dermal fillers. No sun exposure, sauna, sun bed or heat treatment

72 hours - No AHA's, glycolics, retinal or exfoliating products

 - If skin feels hot, splash with cold water, pat dry and moisturise with a gentle, hydrating moisturiser. Regular moisturiser applications are vital to replenish moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dry  and peeling. Do not use any anti-ageing creams for 72 hours post procedure.