Hydraderm Closed

Age Logic - 1 hr 15 mins

Hydraderm Lift Ultimate - 2 hrs

Hydraderm Cellular Energy Advanced Lift - 1 hr 15 mins


We cant fight against time, but we can reduce the effects of time on the skin. This effective lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles using low frequency current which causes a toning action stimulating the muscle fibres in the skin, leaving a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance to the complexion.

Hydraderm Cellular Energy

Guinot’s new, revolutionary patented machine provides the alternative to aesthetic surgery by increasing the biological and cellular activity within the skin through the use of 3 unique functions; Thermal Energy, Dynamic Ionisation and Lifting Stimulation.

Therapists can offer a variety of 11 bespoke treatment variations to suit the client’s needs and objectives, delivering visible, clinically proven results after just one treatment.

The machine offers two treatments methods, including Hydraderm Cellular Energy and Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift, both of which can be adapted to suit your client’s skin type.